Buying & Hanging Your Wall Art

Wall art can completely change a space but buying it can be a minefield and hanging it correctly is essential in making sure you get the very best from your artworks. This is our step‑by‑step guide to helping you get it right.
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Buying your art

Firstly, buy what you love and then buy quality. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank but buy wisely. There are many people selling wall art and claim to be printing on museum quality paper. Beware! All our prints are fine art prints and Giclée printed on the very finest Hahnemüle German Etching paper. We take no shortcuts. We work with a printer who prints work of some of the most well known artists. This means all our prints will stand the test of time if you care for them correctly and then the quality of the print pops out on your wall. These are not posters that fade quickly!

Caring for your art

Framing and position is key. For expensive print pieces, ensure they are mounted and framed behind museum glass to protect from UV rays. Try not to position your work in direct sunlight. Always buy quality produced work so you know it will last the test of time. A few extra pounds will be money well spent. See above.

The perfect art to wall ratio

Step 1: measure the width of your wall

Step 2: times the width by 0.57 – this will provide the perfect party wall ratio

Step 3: centre you’re out to align with the centre of the wall, with an even gap if more than one piece.

Art Gallery

How museums do it

Step 1: measure 145 cm from the floor – this is the ideal height for the middle of your painting

Step 2: measure the length of your painting and have it – A

Step 3: turn the frame over and pull the picture wire to full tension as if it was hanging. Measure the distance from the wire at full tension to the top of the frame – B

Step 4: add 145 cm A, then minus B – this equals the exactHeight to place your nail so the middle of your painting sit on the 145 cm line.

How to hang pictures above the sofa

Step 1: measure your sofa – your artwork should be 2/3 of its width

Step 2: measure 15 to 20 cm above your sofa – the bottom of your painting should sit here.

How to hang pictures above the fireplace

Step 1: measure the width of your fireplace – your artwork should be at least 2/3 of the width

Step 2: measure 10 to 30 cm above the mantelpiece – the bottom of your painting should sit here

Group of pictures

Grouping your pictures

This has instant impact and adds impact to any wall, especially a corner that feels a bit forgotten. If the images are from a series then we suggest hanging them in a equal grid formation to show off the collection in the very best way.

The montage

If you have a collection of pictures from various artists and printers then hanging them as a montage is never a bad idea. Unlike a series, we would suggest not in grid formation and always start with the main piece in the centre that is either your favourite or one that has the most impact, then work your way out from there.

Montage of pictures

Going off piste

This is your work so if you don’t want to follow the rules, who cares?! We have been known to hang pieces very low so that when we sit in our favourite chair we can look at it at eye level. It’s about appreciating what you have and getting the very best from what you enjoy!

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