Five tips to help you find that perfect rug

A rug brings warmth, comfort and style to any room, so its impact should never be underestimated. Rugs are a great investment and instantly transform any space with ease. We love to use rugs in different spaces, to add layers to a room and make walking around barefoot feel homely.

This is an opportunity for us to share with you practical tips to consider when you're shopping for your own rug.

Colour & texture

Firstly, buy by colour. A classic jute rug will sit in any interior and a coloured rug will add depth and interest to any room. Pattern will add visual texture, think of wallpaper on your floor. Our unique rug designs add a sense of character to a room.

Practicality is key

Areas with a lot of footfall require a rug that's hardy and, ideally, hides stains well. Generally speaking, shorter pile rugs are better positioned in hallways where lots of people will be walking. All our rugs are tightly handwoven so do not shed, so they are perfect for these areas. Also a patterned design is more forgiving when something is spilt.

Proper padding

Our flat-woven rugs work really well with a padded underlay to help keep them in place, especially if they are being placed on wooden or tiled surfaces. Underlay also enhances underfoot comfort and provides extra heat & noise insulation. Remember underlay should be slightly smaller than the rug itself so it doesn’t peep out beneath.

Be tactical

A tactically placed area rug can make your room appear a lot larger. Consider which elements of your space you wish to emphasise, and centre your rug underneath them.

Rug Care & Maintenance

Blot any rug stains and spillages with cool water as rubbing can make stains even worse. Always seek specialist help for stubborn stains.

Turn rugs regularly as sunlight can cause fading.

Love your flooring!

Following these basic rules for choosing your rug will help you make a well-informed decision when decorating your home, as the placement of a rug in your room can seriously alter the perception of it. Remember to have fun and to choose a rug that you’ll love to live with. All our exclusively designed rugs are affordable, hand-woven and made to last.


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