Tips on being bold when mixing prints in your home decor

Mixing interior patterns can seem intimidating for those of us who aren't designers.

There are a few things to keep in mind when mixing patterns, but the most important thing is to have fun with it! Here are some tips on how to mix patterns in your home like a pro.

Start with one design

Use pattern as your inspiration for the rest of the room. Start by finding a piece you really like and build from there! Let our unique products  inspire the whole look of your home with their bold design.

Mix scales of design

We all know that mixing patterns is a good way to add visual interest and create a unique look, but it can be hard to do this without looking messy.

Mixing scale in the same space adds complexity and creates contrast. This provides a sense of balance, it also helps you avoid an over-stimulating environment where each piece competes for attention.

The best place to start with pattern mixing is  your bed or sofa—perfect for experimenting with different styles, textures, colors, shapes and sizes! You'll find that just by adding these few extra touches you've created will add instant impact and take your interior to the next level.

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Choose a combining colour scheme

If you are struggling with what patterns and designs go well together, then focus on choosing an overarching colour palette instead of individual designs.

Use one or two tones as your main theme and use that throughout everything else in the room. If you like a green tone running through a cushion, put it next to another cushion with green tones in it. Don't worry about whether they match perfectly, just have them somewhere near each other so that when people see both cushions side by side they get that feeling of harmony between them. You could also pick out something as an opposite colour for another feature in the room such as a lampshade or rug so again you get harmony throughout the space without having to worry too much about things matching exactly.


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