Tips for your guest room this Christmas

Hosting guests at home for the holidays is not as easy as just inviting them over and expecting everything to go smoothly. You have to plan ahead and take care of some important details before your friends arrive and nothing is more important than a welcoming bedroom and comfy bed!

This blog post will help you do that by giving you simple tips on how to ensure your guest room looks great... so you can focus on enjoying yourself with friends instead of worrying if they are having a sleepless night!

1. Start by creating a cosy ambience; layer the bed with cushions and throws and add a mix of textures to bring warmth and depth to the room. If your guest bedroom has wooden flooring, a rug will be much appreciated by cold toes in the morning.

2. Don’t forget about seating and consider a small chair decorated with plump cushions, so your guests have a place to perch.

3. Nobody likes living out of a suitcase so leave spare hangers in the wardrobe and room in the chest of drawers so that they can store their belongings.

4. Little details can make all the difference - a dish in which to store jewellery; a tray for their phone; a pile of your favourite books and magazines to peruse, and a jug of water with glasses will all help your guests feel right at home.


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