A White Lady Cocktail & Scott's

Picture the scene - we are sat at the bar in Scott's in Mayfair and browsing the cocktail menu. Dazzled by the art, the hustle bustle of the restaurant, the glamour of it all - this is an occasion that deserves something special. So what to choose? Suddenly from the menu it springs out at us - White Lady - and ever since, we have been fervent fans.

Described by Gin Foundry as "a short, ghostly drink designed for consumption by one whose face doesn’t scrunch up to raisin levels of frowning when greeted with a sour taste. It’s a citrus blast, with lemon and triple sec conspiring with gin to knock you off your feet. Simply delicious!"

We wholeheartedly agree and this is THE cocktail to treat yourself with over the festive period. It's the buzz that we all need at this slightly strange time.

Mix yourself a glass, find your perfect spot, take a seat and let your drink transport you to the famous Mayfair crowd-puller.

A White Lady never disappoints.

White Lady Cocktail


50ml gin

25ml triple sec

25ml lemon juice

1 egg white (optional)


Add in the gin, triple sec and lemon juice along with half a cup of ice and shake until cold. Strain into a Martini glass.

Top tip – If you are adding the egg white (which we would recommend), place it in your shaker with the other ingredients but don’t add ice – give them a shake for about 20 seconds to allow the egg to emulsify and mix in with the other ingredients (known as dry shaking), then open up the shaker, add ice and shake until cold.

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