All of our rugs are made by hand by skilled artisans. They hand weave and knot the rugs indivisually. We do not mass produce our rugs and limit them to small production runs. Because of the hand made nature you will experience some imperfections in the weave. This is all part of the uniqueness and owning a hand made rug is soemthing to be celebrated.

Colour & Texture

All of our rugs are hand made and made with natural fibres. So colour and texture can vary. The dyes used are natural and fixed by hand. Try to avoid placing your rug in direct sunlight where possible.


We recommend turning and reversing your rug to ensure even wear. This also helps if your rug is in direct sunlight. Be careful with furniture placed on rugs as this can damage fibres and care needs to be taken.


Our cotton and wool rugs can be spot cleaned. For more overall cleaning we recommend using a professional cleaning service.

Jute Rugs

Our jute rugs are organic. Colour and texture may vary in places. These rugs may benefit from ocassionally being sprayed with a fine mist of water to help keep the fibres soft.