We are a design led manufacturing company with sustainability at the core of everything we do. Increasingly sustainability is playing a part in every decision we take from resource management, the way we make our products, manage our processes and of course, our supplier practices.

Design is a big part of the story but much of our products beauty is down to the materials from which they are made. We source the finest quality linens and cottons which are all 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and we continually work with our weavers and printers to develop new possibilities. Throughout our production process we do not use any harmful materials traditionally associated with printing. Our fine art printing in carbon neutral.

All our suppliers are all small, independent companies who value the welfare of all their employees. They understand our vision, and we are supportive of each other's businesses. Our aim is for us to grow together so that we can have a successful and profitable partnership that makes a difference.

Made To Last - Slow Living

Our products are of high quality and expected to last a long time. It is our intention that they have less impact on the environment and can be handed down to the next generation. Our products are intended to be heirlooms.

Our products are FOR THE HOME, FOR THE PEOPLE in every sense.

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